Appalachian Horse Adventures – Mountain Vistas from Horseback

If you wish to enjoy the experience of travelling some of Virginia’s mountain trails without hiking, there are several alternatives. For those who enjoy mechanical horsepower, there are a number of trails that allow travel using jeeps or other four-wheel-drive vehicles. For those with an athletic constitution, many trails are suitable for touring by mountain […]

Is There Life Outside of Facebook

Earlier this month Deb and I journeyed to a remote village in Mexico to celebrate the 18th birthday of our daughter Jordan. Jordan has been living in Mexico since January 18, and will remain there until August 9. Why, you might ask? It is because of her passion for missions. Ever since she traveled to […]

Springing Ahead – Finally!

Now that spring is here, we’ll be working hard to ready things for you, our honored guests. Cleaning up flower beds, landscaping, etc; freshening paint; getting the pool ready (well maybe not just yet); and gearing up for a great summer season. But before summer comes, we look forward to hosting spring breakers, cyclists from […]

Thank You for the Beautiful Oasis

We are writing to Thank you for having such a Beautiful Oasis for folks to come to to renew and rejuvenate and for the amazing attention to detail that you pour into Cabin Creekwood. We had a wonderful stay at Cabin Barnwood, and a wonderful experience in general at your wonderful facility. We have visited […]

No More Cow at Cabin Barnwood!

As you can probably imagine, the Cabin Rental business is seasonal. Summertime is busiest here at Cabin Creekwood, with lots of family vacations. Holidays are also busy, like the winter break between Christmas and New Years, Thanksgiving, and the other long weekends scattered throughout the year. During the winter, we host many skiers on weekends, […]

14 Reasons to Get Out of the House over the Holiday Season

The so-called “Winter Break” (formerly known as the Christmas holidays) from school provides families with children the opportunity to get away from home for a few days. There are lots of reasons why families might choose to do this, so I’ve compiled, with the help of our Facebook fans, a list of 14 reasons why […]

Introducing…A New Employee at Cabin Creekwood

In this the month of November in the United States of America, we set aside a day specifically for the purpose of giving thanks. This year I am especially thankful for help at Cabin Creekwood. Barry Polifka has come on board as our property manager, and what a blessing he has been! Already he has […]

Unforgettable Memories!

My wife and I elected to stay at Logwood for our honeymoon last year. While I know it’s late to write a review, it also might be a good indicator for how memorable this place, and the people that run it, actually are. Stan and Debbie Horst are exceptional people, I’m pretty sure I’m the […]