Shenandoah Valley – A Storied Civil War History

  Aside from the natural beauty and spectacle that is the heart of Virginia, from the Cabin Creekwood area, there are ample opportunities to see and explore the history of the Civil War. Each area of the state offers many historic sites to visit, photograph, and explore, including museums, trails, monuments, and actual battlefields. Below […]

Antiquing in Virginia: 4 Shops Worth Visiting

  Antiques represent a hunk of history, a moment in time far away in the past. Antiques carry an air of mystery, one that keeps people collecting year after year. Perhaps there is no better way to understand the world our relatives resided in than to own a literal piece of the past; better known […]

Rockfish Gap Outfitters: One Stop Shop for all Your Outdoor Needs

“Rockfish Gap Outfitters is the gateway to your next adventure.”   If you love the outdoors, then you know that in order to withstand the natural elements you will need some man-made gear! The thing is, not all gear is made equally, which is why finding a trusted and reputable shop to supply you with […]

Local & Luscious: A Tour of the Nearby Wineries

    Virginia is full of vineyards; some of these vines are yours for the picking! Visiting a winery can be a real blast; not only do you get to learn the finer points about wine, all while enjoying a picturesque environment, but you will also be in the company of family and friends. Plan […]

Hiking the Waterfall Loop on Skyline Drive

  Just a short distance up Skyline Drive is a hiking trail that goes to three separate waterfalls, each a worthy destination by itself. The 6.5 mile loop begins at the Browns Gap parking area near milepost 83. The trailhead is just across the road, and follows the Browns Gap fire road for the first […]

You’re Invited to Thomas Jefferson’s Private Getaway at Poplar Forest

  Think of your own favorite getaway location, wherever you go to hide away from the world—you know, be yourself without worrying about others. This place might be a secluded spot somewhere on the beach, or perhaps—if you’re as fortunate as Thomas Jefferson was, it could be a vacation house. Regardless of where it is, […]

3 Reasons to Horse Around at the Virginia Horse Center

  The Virginia Horse Center is located in nearby Lexington. On these large sprawling grounds there is always something going on—and you don’t have to be a horse lover to get in on the fun! The Virginia Horse Center was established to promote equines on all levels, and in all disciplines. Since its establishment it […]

Scenic Airplane Tours at Eagle’s Nest: See it All From the Sky

  Imagine yourself floating above it all. The trees, clouds, lakes and even mountain tops that typically appear overwhelmingly large now appear miniscule, as if seen from a whole new perspective. At Eagle’s Nest airport in Waynesboro this dream can become your reality with a scenic sightseeing tour. Touring any stretch of land from an […]

3 Reasons the Western Virginia Sport Show is Like No Other

  Known locally and abroad for its diverse offerings, the Augusta Expo hosts a variety of fun events, including the upcoming Western Virginia Sport Show that only comes to town once a year. At this event there are a number of vendors, celebrities, and wild side shows to check out. With something for all age […]