Cabins In Virginia | Something for Everyone

When you need a break from reality and a moment to breathe, visit us at Cabin Creekwood. Located in Lyndhurst, VA, Cabin Creekwood is well loved by our guests as the best cabins in Virginia. A short drive from Charlottesville, Waynesboro, and Staunton, Cabin Creekwood is a vacation destination that is sure to please everyone […]

New Years Eve Events | Cabins for Rent in VA

Cabin Creekwood is located in Lyndhurst and is regarded as having the best location for cabins for rent in VA. Convenient to a little bit of everything, you are always sure to find something fun to do in the area. With the Holidays surrounding us and 2016 quickly drawing to a close, it’s almost time […]

Breweries We Recommend | Cabin Rentals in Virginia

Cabin Creekwood, the premier cabin rentals in Virginia, is located in a region where the craft beer scene is soaring. Many of the local breweries in the areas in and around Lyndhurst, Virginia are just short drives away (but never drink and drive!). These breweries have a little something for everyone. Whether you’re a fan […]

Holidays at our Cabins in Virginia

At Cabin Creekwood, we get extremely excited for the Holiday Season. There are many events that take place between Thanksgiving and New Years’ Day near our premier cabins in Virginia. It’s always a treat to go take a short vacation for the Holidays. It can do wonders for your family – give everyone a much […]

Comedy Act at The Wayne Near Our Cabins in Virginia

Cabin Creekwood cabins in Virginia are very popular with honeymooners and couples looking for a romantic getaway. Our cabins are perfect for those who want a little serenity and there are plenty of “date night” activities to do at any point during the week. This month, we came across a fantastic event for those couples […]

Tree Farms Near Our Cabin Rentals in Virginia

The holiday season is quickly approaching. There is a chill in the air that bites your nose when you wake up early in the morning. Soon it will be time to ditch those pumpkins and bring in the tree! While you are staying at Cabin Creekwood, premier cabin rentals in Virginia, why don’t you visit […]

Thanksgiving At Our Sherando Lake Cabins

People value Thanksgiving as a time of family. Frequently, one family home is not big enough to host the entire family. For those who want a bit of a getaway for Thanksgiving, look no further than Cabin Creekwood, the premier Sherando Lake cabins rentals. Cabin Creekwood is the perfect option for a family Thanksgiving trip. […]

Horseback Riding in the Fall Colors

Located one mile from Sherando Lake and a few short miles from Waynesboro and Staunton, the areas around Cabin Creekwood offer the opportunity to experience fall like no other destination location. We can personally recommend horseback riding through the mountains for a great autumn day trip. We can say, from experience, that there is nothing […]

Music Nights Near Cabin Creekwood

Cabin Creekwood is a fantastic place to stay and breathe the fresh air, relax in a rocking chair, or just enjoy the scenery, but when the kids are getting too antsy and you want to go out for a nice family-friendly adventure, consider Blackjack & Company on a Wednesday evening for some great music and […]

Local Classic Film Events

Staying at Cabin Creekwood is an opportunity to relax, disconnect, and unwind. The area itself feels like you could have slipped back into a classic time period, and if you’re a classic film buff or just a lover of all things from a previous era, be sure to stop by The Wayne, a classically restored theater […]