6 Breweries to Sample on the Brew Ridge Trail

  The Brew Ridge Trail is scenic and beautiful, and in addition to that… it’s full of beer! And not just any old beer, but the best of the best—brewed on site by some of the most well-known brew masters in Virginia and beyond. For those that find wine tasting tours too stuffy or sweet, […]

4 Reasons to Dance at Clark’s Lumber Company

  Break out your dancing boots and get ready to boogie! On Friday nights the place to be is Clark’s Lumber Company—a humble sawmill by day, this building becomes a place to really let loose come night! Offering all the best old classic music, you won’t be able to keep yourself from mountain dancing along […]

Blackfriar’s Playhouse Welcomes the Holidays with Ebenezer Scrooge

  Although the main characters are rather unfriendly and frightening, a nasty old scrooge and his team of ghosts, the very sounds of “A Christmas Carol” will bring back memories of your childhood Christmases. There’s nothing like this classic tale to get you in the mood for the holidays! When Charles Dickens wrote this story […]

Natural Bridge Safari Park: Take a Trip on the Wild Side

  Visiting any zoo is exciting, despite the fact the animals are typically kept far out of reach– behind poles, wire, and layers of fencing. Imagine how exciting it would be to see these animals in their normal habitat– out in the wild with nothing between you and them? Picture yourself driving your vehicle through […]

4 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Thanksgiving

  “This is the Worst Thanksgiving Ever!” You might feel tempted to say, when the turkey turns out dry, the mashed potatoes too soupy, or even worse—Hurricane Sandy decides to blow through town just before the start of the Holiday Season! Yet no matter what might be plaguing your day or year, Thanksgiving is a […]

Up Close & Personal With the Animals at The Natural Bridge Zoo

  Riding elephants is only part of the reason Natural Bridge Zoo stands out above the rest. Privately owned and funded since opening their doors in 1972, this zoo has a special interest at heart, rare and endangered animals. This intimate animal exhibit offers a glimpse at some of the worlds’ most beautiful creatures in […]

Festival at Natural Bridge: How to Have Thanksgiving Without an Oven

  If you’ve ever made dry beans before, you know how much time and effort the modern day ‘canned foods’ saves us. Oftentimes we take for granted how quickly we can prepare our food, thinking on days like Thanksgiving (when we have to wake up early to get the Turkey in, mash all those potatoes, […]

Welcome to Lexington: One Historical Town, 17 Eye-Opening Destinations

  Located only one hour away from Cabin Creekwood sits Lexington, Virginia; a town bloated with American history. On top of the many other things to do while spending the day in this beautiful city, there are 17 attractions dedicated to the history of our heritage. In fact, Lexington has been so well preserved, it […]